Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why microsoft sharepoint is so popular and is going to be more popular in future?

Recently I have started working on sharepoint server 2007. There are many reasons to love this application. I wanted to share some of our findings regarding sharepoint. Hope it will help you to take the right decision.

Top Ten Reasons Behind the Popularity of Sharepoint

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Microsoft sharepoint server. All the details can be found in sharepoint official site . Also I have found some important discussion here too. However, according to my point of view, following are main 10 reasons behind the popularity of sharepoint server:

1. Very easy to use as collaboration platform as it needs browser to access the server
2. Instantly create sites from predefined template
3. Share documents and tracking them with role based security
4. Use as a easy project management tool( manage lists, todo, share files, etc)
5. Plug and play webparts
6. Integrate with microsoft most popular product microsoft office
7. Work from internet as well as intranet
8. Integrated task calendar with microsoft outlook. so accessible from outlook directly
9. Connect developer, manager and client in one platform
10. Document versioning and sharepoint designer support to open and edit sharepoint site

isn't it enough to be popular sharepoint :)

Sharepoint Installation

Sharepoint installation is very easy and straight forward. If anybody is interested then can follow the procedure below:

1. First of all download the WSS 3.0 from the following location- its good for beginner or you can buy MOOS2007(Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007)

Maintain the following sequence in a windows 2003 server. If you don't have windows server 2003, you can try with virtual pc or vmware what I am doing now

2. Install IIS

3. Install .net framework 2.0/+

4. Configure server

5. Install WSS

At the final step of installation you will get the link of the server to access. Wish you will enjoy your time with sharepoint.

Happy programming!

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